Environmental policy

Mediclinics bases its Environmental Policy on a number of facts that go from the application of technology for the preservation of environmental aspects in the design and development of its products, to ensuring that suppliers adhere to good environmental practices, thus promoting their commitment to preserving the environment.

For the company it is important to encourage responsibility in caring for the environment and in all its internal processes, it seeks to develop actions for the sole purpose of giving priority to the use of ecological practices,
materials and procedures, thus caring for a world that is evermore respectful with the environment.

At Mediclinics we comply with strict national and international environmental certifications and we promote continual improvement in the different manufacturing processes. An example of this is our responsible management through the European Recycling Platform (ERP) Integrated Management System (SIG) for the selective collection and recycling of waste produced by electrical and electronic equipment, for the purpose of ensuring a correct environmental management of this waste is carried out to benefit the environment, the citizens, the products associated with the ERP and other collaborating entities.

European Recycling Platform

Environmental objectives and challenges that comply with the following aspects:

• Reduction of energy consumption in its products and low use of natural resources in their manufacturing process.

• Minimising the waste generated in the production processes ensuring it is correctly managed.

• Compliance with the applicable environmental standards.

• Minimising emissions into the atmosphere and effluents.