Your challenges are our challenges.
Mediclinics offers this range of products with the purpose of improving life´s quality of people with reduced mobility.
Solutions with several ergonomics and functionalities and with the possibility of obtaining different materials and finishes. Mediclinics offers professionals a wide range of solutions for toilet grab bars to help persons with reduced mobility using the facilities. Also available are a wide variety of shower seat shapes for unique locations.
Medinox Lines: State of the art design, high durability and easy to maintain. The process used for bending the grab bars guarantees uniformity in the diameter of its curves. Built using AISI 304 stainless steel with a bright and satin finish.
Mediepoxy Lines: Solutions manufactured with a corrosion resistant treatment, ideal for very harsh environments, with a low need for maintenance and long durability. The grab bars for toilets are made of steel with an epoxy finish.
Mediclinics grab bars for toilets include a trim for installation out of sight, offering a perfect visual finish and allowing to be easily blended in with the decoration of the room.