Different solutions for unique settings.
Mediclinics offers different hair dryer models that are suitable for small hotels large sports complexes; they are the optimum solution for collective as well as individual use. 
The hair dryer product line for collectives is designed and manufactured for locations with a large traffic of people; high power solutions that are durable and include anti-vandalism features. Models manufactured with a steel casing, very resistant and with high power motors; manually operated dryers, or with a pushbutton, which thanks to its great resistance, guarantee an optimum hair drying.
Via the hair dryer product line for individual use, Mediclinics offers solutions that are suitable for hotel rooms, residences or hospital rooms, for example. These units have a simple but practical design, they are easy to operate, resistant, economical and offer a balanced consumption. In this category, manual as well as automatically operated products are available.
All Mediclinics hair dryers comply with international quality and safety certifications.